APL+ we have been working with/for people living with HIV/AIDS and  key actors of organization all people living with HIV/AIDS, we can say that we are an expertise of HIV/AIDS in country and provide the following courses or educated about HIV/AIDS, STI  for private, company,  agency, communities,  university students ,,,,.who need to know and fluence on HIV/AIDS

  •  HIV/AIDS provide information/training for your staff
  • lecture reproductive health, sexual orientation , HIV/AIDS

counselling HIV testing, psychology,

  • peer educator
  •  care and support home visit
  • Contribution free condoms
  • The cost fee go through support for  care and support for women and children living with HIV/AIDS

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we are contributing and doing

  1. Provide HIV/AIDS information
  2. Psychology support people living with HIV/AIDS
  3. Counselling HIV/AIDS and STIs , Health
  4. Lecture about HIV/AIDS
  5. Sexual orientation and reproductive health
  6. Care and support women and children living with HIV/AIDS( Nutrition , scholarship and transportation for monthly health check up)
  7. Online and off line counselling