COVID19 Impact with communities (Mini study) in Yommalath district, Khammoun province, Laos

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I.   SURVEY FINDINGS  Economic impact

1.1.1.       Income

On the income aspect, the survey seeks to explore how the change of the income were made during the COVID impact which could be either positive or negative or there might be no changes income families because the change of the income is assumed that it depends on the people in the type of occupation, employment and how people are keen to adapt and generate better income opportunity etc. The study shows that the income decreased less than 50% is high among the different group of population categorized by age. the income decreased less than 50 the group of age of 19-25 is high up to 9.47%, with the age of higher than 51 years old is 9.05%, 26-35 years old is 7.00% and 36-50 years old is 7.82% and 6.17% is children and youth. However, there is some percentage of income decreased greater than 50% in all groups of age which is concerning when we consider from the rapid changes of living cost during this time. In the group of children and youth under 19 years old and elders who are over 51 years old, many of t

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hem had no income changed, it is assumed to be because of most of them are not in the economic lead position. Within the group of economic leading like youth and middle-aged people there was minority of them had no income changes. There are very few of the middle-aged people and elders who were keen to adapt and took the opportunity to increase their income.  when we look deeper into by group of population, we found that the income of migrant workers was decreased less than and more than 50% which mean that most of them had no further incomes since they returned home and very few of them could earn but less than they usually earned. COVID impact reportfirst draft    

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